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Applied Fine Arts: Media and the Message. A Course from Luma Learn

Luma Learn has several online classes on Art related topics.  Check out their website to find them all:

Online Programs for Homeschoolers – Luma Learn

In this 36 week course, students will learn to be visual storytellers by creating and publishing a serial comic strip, producing and publishing 4 different video advertisements for various products, services, and organizations, and producing and publishing a 4 episode TV series as a member of a student production team. As more stories are told visually, this course equips students to lead their generational narrative.

Course Verse:

“The wise in heart will be called understanding, and sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness.” — Proverbs 16:21

Where Did the Idea Come From?

This course started with some parables and an LA hot tub, but that requires some explanation.

This is a course about storytelling: specifically, visual storytelling.

Jesus taught with stories, throughout His ministry. God used visual examples with several of the prophets (Ezekiel, Jeremiah, etc.) to convey His message to His people, Nathan used a story to get through my namesake’s rebellion.

Suffice it to say that people get most of the important things that they remember from stories.

Today, most people get the majority of their stories from the media. This might be either mass media or social media, but the days of sitting around the village campfire telling stories are mostly of a bygone era.

Until relatively recently, the media was governed by powerful people who had absolute editorial power over which stories the public heard (and thereby what they remembered.) That has changed.

Enter, the LA hot tub.

Many years ago, my cousin, his wife, and four of their friends started a worldwide film movement — from their hot tub!

They had all gone out to Hollywood to make movies, and they were working in the industry, but they were not making movies.

So they decided one night, while sitting in the hot tub, to each make a short film every month in accordance with a pre-agreed monthly theme. They would then screen their work for, and critique, each other, thus enhancing their craft. Thus was born the worldwide film movement: “Group 101 Films.”

I am focused on giving students something meaningful to say, so it only stands to reason that I would empower them to say it to the wider audience.

If 6 friends from LA can reach Pakistan, Denmark, London, Chicago, and New York; how far can we get the word? Come, join me, and find out!
What Adult Accomplishments Does This Course Coach?

  1. Created and published bi-weekly comic strip
  2. 4 different video advertisements for different products, services, and organizations
  3. A four-episode TV series produced as a member of a 4 person production team (class size depending)
  4. A “pitch package” for the TV series to sell it to a studio
  5. A published video trailer for the TV series
  6. Written and signed legal contracts governing their creative process (syndication for the comic strip, various release waivers and accessibility and liability contracts for video shooting process)


What Transferable Skills Does This Course Train?

  1. The ability to persuade through visual storytelling
  2. The ability to create compelling characters that an audience will identify with
  3. The ability to use lighting and camera angles to enhance the message that they are trying to convey
  4. A working knowledge of copyright and intellectual property law
  5. The ability to work as a member of a production team to complete a storytelling project
  6. The ability to sell your ideas/vision to a potential customer
  7. The ability to write a cover letter


What Careers Does This Course Give Me a Leg Up On?

  1. Movie producer – Average Salary: $70,950 (https://www.careeronestop.org)
  2. Videographer – Average Salary: $55,080 (https://www.careeronestop.org)
  3. Marketing Manager – Average Salary: $131,180 (https://www.careeronestop.org)
  4. Multimedia Artist and Animator – Average Salary: $65,300 (https://www.careeronestop.org)
  5. Intellectual Property Lawyer – Average Salary: $118,160 (https://www.careeronestop.org)
  6. Entertainment industry professional agent – Average Salary: $62,080 (https://www.careeronestop.org)
  7. Photographer – Average Salary: $34,070 (https://www.careeronestop.org)


Why “0 Minutes”?

In talking with a number of homeschool families (and remembering my own childhood), I realized something important: families are busy! If I schedule a course to meet on Tuesdays at 9:30, then any family that has something else at that time cannot take part, and I didn’t want that. On the flip side, we have all done various self-paced, self-improvement hobbies that did not end up doing any good because there was no accountability (New Years’ Resolutions, anyone?) I decided to get the best of both worlds: Weekly accountability with daily flexibility.

The students will have assignments that they must accomplish each week. They will also interact with me and with their classmates in chat type interactions. This keeps them on schedule to actually complete the amazing accomplishments that this course coaches them through. But they have the freedom, within the week, to choose when they are going to work on the assignments. I have tried to provide enough instruction to enable the students to do the tasks that they have been assigned, but I also understand that sometimes, there needs to be some more direct instruction to clear up misunderstandings.

To accommodate this need, it will be possible to schedule “office hours” on an “as needed” basis where I would have a live conversation with one or more students. There will be some expectations of the student when they are asking for “office hours.” I will give them questions to answer in order to make sure that I understand what their question is and can best prepare to make that time as efficient and effective as possible. Office hours will be scheduled based on mutual scheduling needs and availability, and if there seems to be a topic that everyone is having problems with, I will either schedule a class session to clear it up, or I will provide additional instructional materials.

I am committed to your student’s success. But rather than limit your family’s ability to take part in the course, I prefer to give your family the flexibility to have your child work on their schedule, as long as they are getting their work done by the Friday deadline each week.


How Would I Write This Course Up On a High School Transcript?

  1. As a Fine Arts elective, given the amount of visual storytelling that the student has had to do through multiple videos and the bi-weekly comic strip
  2. As a Business/Marketing elective, given the video commercials and the legal contracts that the student has to develop as part of the process of creating the videos and the comic strip
  3. As a Creative Writing elective, given the story development that the students have to do to complete their various requirements
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August 23, 2021 -
May 30, 2022


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