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Explore Architecture: Camp on Demand

Camp on Demand is our 1- week Anytime Camp where campers explore one main theme with 4 daily-sized projects.

Mythology & Magic
Design for gods and goddesses as we explore mythology from an architect’s point of view. Build spaces for iconic gods such as Zeus and Athena as well as some lesser-known, key deities of architecture like Limentinus the protector of the threshold, Hermes the god of boundaries and Janus the god of gates and portals, beginnings, transitions and time. Might you create a god or goddess of your own?

Upside Down World
A universe parallel to the human world? Mirrored reality is just the beginning as we explore the full concept of “multiverse” from an architectural point of view. We will pair the concepts of the infinite universe, the bubble universe, the mathematical universe and the parallel universe with architectural expression to arrive at design solutions as we explore the unity of opposites, complementary space and contrast thinking.

Flying Machines & Contraptions
Glide into the world of flying machines! From the very first flying machine – the kite – to the latest Flight Assembled Architecture constructed entirely by programmed “mobile agents”, we will explore how, when and where architecture and flight overlap. From Daedalus to DaVinci to the origin of kites, we will reimagine the flying machine through models and drawings to take a fantastical look at what could be possible if air replaced land as the basis for future architecture.

Castles & Creatures
Explore castles from the real world and delve into the magic of fictional castles like Hogwarts, Castle Doom, Minas Tirith and Howl’s Moving Castle. We will build houses of potions and spells inspired by Gothic architecture with secret chambers, dungeons, shifting walls, draw bridges and shadow gardens. Don’t forget to make space for fantastic beasts and a species of nocturnal creatures known as gargoyles that turn to stone during the day.

Geometry of a Chicken
Join the Cubist Revolution in our full day camp! From the magic of Minecraft to the work of Picasso, we will reimagine everyday objects, landscapes and people as simple geometric shapes and interlocking planes. Redefine the experience of imaginary worlds through drawing, collage and model-making using the cubist ideals of multiplicity, transparency and spatial ambiguity.

Tower Up!
Explore everything vertical as we design skyscrapers and towers based on the bottom-up approach to planning a sustainable city by making a “bug list” to generate ideas. We will talk about the components of smart cities and incorporate zero-based thinking strategies to arrive at creative solutions. Join us as we design and build a new innovative urban environment !

Wicked Workshop camps and classes are designed for kiddos age 6-14, but plenty of older
and younger siblings have enjoyed our classes too! Our projects are open-ended, adaptable
and can be as basic or detailed as your child chooses. Our core teaching philosophy is not
based on the step-by-step “how to” model because we like to encourage kids to invent their
own process through discovery. However, our virtual studio format is much more demonstrative,
with videos that walk students through the making process with steps, suggestions,
alternatives and guided ways to think about the process of making.

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October 19, 2020


All Day

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All Ages



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Visit https://www.wickedworkshop.org/copy-of-online-workshops


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All Ages, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Art, History, Nature
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Visit https://www.wickedworkshop.org/copy-of-online-workshops
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Summer Camp
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