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High School Health Class

    Join me in discovering the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual dimensions of your health in a life skills class designed to help you develop healthy habits. We will also look at strategies to help you minimize behaviors that contribute to disease and negative effects on our health. We will introduce four of the ten healthy dimensions in this semester course. Students will develop their own goals and engage in behaviors to achieve them during the semester. This course will provide lectures, note taking strategies, and assignments, along with skill-based activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Students may elect to enroll in future health classes that focus on nutrition and the remaining 6 dimensions of health not covered in this class.

    This course covers the following topics in a factual and neutral manner, with respect for a broad range of perspectives among our students and families. The course is designed to give students tools to educate themselves and draw their own conclusions on matters affecting their physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. It is intended to help families fulfill the high school health credit requirement. Parental input/discussion is encouraged throughout the course and an integral part of most assignments:

    1. Core values exploration and activities around living your core values.
    2. Emotional health: identifying, understanding, and communicating emotions; self esteem, stress, and asking for help.
    3. Intellectual health: growth vs fixed mind sets, learning myths, and introduction to evidence-based learning strategies.
    4. Physical health: basics of nutrition–basic anatomy, physiology of digestion and metabolism, macromolecules, vitamins, and minerals & cross contamination in food; cooking skills; body image; nutrition-linked diseases with personal responsibility for prevention; movement; athletics; and personal hygiene specific to the teen years.
    5. Social Health: social influences inventory, identifying positive and negative influences, friendships, strategy development  to develop positive and limit negative influences, how to be a positive social influence.
    Course Structure
    • Each week will have a live class attendance via Zoom
    • A module will contain weekly assignments that focuses on a dimension of health and may include applying health promoting behaviors to assigned videos, readings, online discussion forums, with quizzes, projects, and tests. As the course moves on, healthy behaviors may combined over the weeks.
    • A combination of handwritten (needed to be scanned into a pdf) and typed documents (in .doc format) incorporating different note taking modes and will vary in length, including a works cited pages when applicable.
    • Students may be requested to upload photos, documents in docx or pdf, infographics and Power Point.
    • Students will utilize the Canvas classroom to submit assignments in compatible formats requested for each assignment, communicate with the teacher and each other.
    • We may use tools such as an infographic software Canva and electronic flashcards such as Quizlet to enhance our strategies. Interactive class exercises and homework assignments are designed to help you generate skills and practice across academic subjects.

    Required Materials/Technology Requirements         

    1.  A reliable PC or laptop
    2. High Speed Internet
    3. Scanner/camera phone
    4. Web cam
    5. Microphone and speaker
    6. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
    7. Adobe Acrobat reader
    8. Ability to download files for viewing, editing, and printing.
    9. Uploaded files should be in docx or pdf format.
    10. Paper to take handwritten notes (blank and lined) in a spiral pad or 3 hole punched for a binder
    11. Highlighters (4 colors) yellow, pink, orange, green or blue
    12. Colored pencils – at least 6 colors
    13. Pens: black, red, blue
    14. Sticky note pads in at least 4 colors (like Post Its, but they can be any brand)
    15. Index cards – single pack of 100
    16. Permissions to access www.youtube.comhttps://www.ted.com/talks, and varied other online resources.

    Evaluation and Feedback:

    1. All assignments (readings, videos, documents, infographics, PowerPoint Presentations, notes, forum responses, quizzes, tests, and peer responses) are graded.
    2. A student’s effort and participation in the class will be a significant portion of their grade.
    3. I will provide feedback in the form of comments on submitted work and encourage students to ask questions.
    4. I will provide grading for the assignments, discussion forums, quizzes, projects, and tests. Point allotment will depend on the number of questions and the maximum possible points; therefore, point distribution will vary.
    5. Assignments within provide practice designed to build your note taking skills and generate a growth mindset.

    Communication and Participation:

    • This is a hybrid course. Students are encouraged to attend the live class and engage in the assortment of strategies we practice together as well as contribute to class discussions and sharing of ideas. You will receive the most benefit from participating in the activities in class.
    • You should plan to log-in several times a week in order to keep up with course assignments. Weekly assignments will be available to view every Wednesday at 9am.
    • All students are welcomed and encouraged to seek my help. Please feel free to contact me via Canvas with questions.
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    August 25, 2021 -
    December 17, 2021


    01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EDT


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