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Hillcrest School of Music

Combining music technology and the latest music software, Hillcrest creates a fun and engaging program to teach music to students of all ages. All delivered through the Zoom interactive virtual platform. Arrange your private lessons at any time!

No software downloads required. Using Zoom.com, enter the Virtual classroom and enjoy learning music safely from your home.

You will be making the music that speaks to your heart in no time.

How Online Music Lessons Work

In addition to a physical location located at 4924 South Cobb Drive in Smyrna, Ga. Hillcrest School of Music offers online music lessons.  Our online music program is a virtual classroom that provide one on one private lessons with a certified music educator via Zoom or Facetime.

In these lessons we provide our students learning materials in print format and may utilize videos and interactive instruction.  Many interactive aids are provided to supplement online music instruction.

Program Options

Students can learn how to play an instrument and read music in the safety of their homes as well as learn a variety of music theory and styles or focus on the development of certain genres, such as jazz or rock music.

Instrument Options

Online instruction is available for almost any kind of instrument and for individuals of all experience levels. Following are common examples of instruments for which one can find beginner, intermediate and advanced online lessons:

  • Piano

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Electric guitar

  • Bass Guitar

  • Voice

  • Violin

  • Mandolin

  • Drums

  • Trumpet

  • Banjo

  • Saxophone

Course Materials

Because practice plays an important part in learning a musical instrument, our online music tutorial program offers materials, either online or downloadable, to help students practice in between lessons. For instance, music tutorials delivered in print format often include audio clips to accompany music notation or video clips to demonstrate the specific technique or song being taught. In general, practice materials may include the following:

  • Practice exercises

  • Sheet music

  • Online tuners

  • Chord diagrams

  • Audio music clips

Admissions Requirements

Because our online program is in a virtual one on one virtual classroom setting no experience is required. Students range from beginners to advanced with varying ages from kindergarten to adults.

Technology Requirements

Students will need to have their own instruments, equipment, and microphone in order to record themselves playing for evaluation by instructors. In addition, they need computer hardware and software that can support online learning.


And now for a limited time new students can receive a free Yamaha keyboard when they sign up for a 3-month commitment to private lessons.

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December 01, 2020


08:00 AM - 05:00 PM EDT


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