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Homeschool: AQUARIUM SCIENCE – Reef Organism Compatibility Lab

Wednesdays, September 15-December 15 (no class Oct 13, Nov 24; 12 weeks)
Ages 8-12

Students use chemistry, biology and math as they learn the basics of setting up and maintaining an aquarium. Kids design an ideal aquarium, calculate tank dimensions and water volume, learn about nitrogen cycling and water quality, acclimate fish and plants, and care and maintain of a living system. We will be setting up tanks at our center, but kids can apply what they learn to set up their own tank at home.

Instructor: Coral Vega, MEd
Location: Science Center (suite 5)
Course fee: $220 OR $20/lab
Early registration (10% off) through August 6
10% sibling discount beginning August 7
Register for full semester or individual labs.

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Aquarium Basics and Design – Wednesday, September 15
Kids learn the basic considerations and components of a home aquarium, as they design and build a model of their ideal aquarium habitat.

Parts of an Aquarium – Wednesday, September 22
Students learn about the different parts of the aquarium and how they work in order to maintain a healthy environment for aquatic animals.

Water Chemistry and Cycling – Wednesday, September 29
This week, kids prepare water for use in an aquarium, add the water, test water quality and create a data collection plan to monitor water quality changes

Fish Compatibility – Wednesday, October 6
In lab today, students use a compatibility chart to see which kinds of fish can be kept together and conduct water quality tests to determine if the aquarium is ready for fish.

Freshwater Fish – Wednesday, October 20
Students acclimate fish, invertebrates, and plants to the newly cycled aquarium and observe their behavior.

Fish Nutrition and Care – Wednesday, October 27
We learn how and what to feed their aquatic animals, how to diagnose and treat basic ailments, and how different types of fish reproduce.

Properties of Saltwater – Wednesday, November 3
Kids conduct experiments to evaluate the different properties of saltwater and freshwater, and learn why most fish can live only in freshwater or saltwater, but not both.

Making Saltwater – Wednesday, November 10
Students learn how to measure salinity with hygrometers and refractometers as they mix salt and water for a saltwater tank.

Saltwater Analysis – Wednesday, November 17
Kids use a saltwater test kit to measure hardness, calcium and phosphate levels, in order to provide the ideal conditions for saltwater fish and invertebrates.

Reef Organism Compatibility – Wednesday, December 1
Today, we use a saltwater compatibility chart to create and design a model of an ideal saltwater aquarium ecosystem.

Saltwater Creatures – Wednesday, December 8
Students acclimate saltwater fish and invertebrates to a new tank and observe their behavior.

Public Aquaria – Wednesday, December 15
We explore how large-scale aquariums test and maintain water quality, determine which organisms to put together and learn how to feed a tank that holds over a million gallons of water.

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December 01, 2021


12:30 PM - 01:45 PM EDT

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Course fee: $220 OR $20/lab



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8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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Discover Science Center – Roswell
2500 Old Alabama Road, Suite 5
Roswell, GA 30076
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Course fee: $220 OR $20/lab
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8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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