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Homeschool: Science of Georgia – Barrier Islands 

Tuesdays, October 5 -December 15 (no class October 12 or November 23; 9 weeks)
Ages 8-10

Students study ecoregions, mapping and geology of Georgia by investigating famous and not-so-famous attractions. Labs focus on hands-on activities, building models and experiments to explore the science of the state we live in. All lab costs are included in registration fee.

Instructor: Tina Oresteen, BSc
Location: Discover Science Center Peachtree City
Course fee: $160 OR $20/lab
Early registration (10% off) through August 6
10% sibling discount beginning August 7
Register for full semester or individual labs.

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Mapping Georgia and the Appalachian Trail 
– Tuesday, October 5
In this workshop, we pull out our maps and compasses, and find out way around Georgia. Students practice their map-reading and map-making skills to locate important geological landforms in our state, and investigate what makes this a hotspot for salamander biodiversity.

Amicalola Falls – Tuesday, October 19
Learn the importance of watersheds and why we should protect them, study how water flows through Georgia and model impacts of pollution on our watershed.

North Georgia Mining
 – Tuesday, October 26
North Georgia is rich in rocks, minerals and gemstones. Students map sites of known deposits of rocks, minerals and gemstones, investigate their chemical composition using a periodic table, learn how specific rocks were formed, and why these deposits were important in our state’s history.

Stone Mountain Mystery – Tuesday, November 2
Scientists know how Stone Mountain was formed, but there are different hypotheses about how it emerged from underground. Use sand tables to model these hypotheses to come to your own conclusion.

Man-Made Lakes of Georgia
 – Tuesday, November 9
Most lakes in Georgia are man-made. Students use a map to locate several man-made lakes of Georgia, including the local lakes in Peachtree City, learn and model how lakes are formed, and investigate the purpose of these lakes.

Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon – Tuesday, November 16
Students learn about Providence Canyon and how it was formed by erosion, study soil types of Georgia by testing their water-retaining properties and making a sediment jar.

Our Blackwater Swamp
 – Tuesday, November 30
The Okefenokee Swamp is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. Learn what makes swamps so special, the physical characteristics of blackwater, and how the water affect what lives there.

Barrier Islands 
– Tuesday, December 7
Investigate the special coast of Georgia, how the southern bite keeps Georgia more safe from hurricanes, the importance of barrier islands and how they are formed, model their formation using sand and water tables, and investigate turtle nesting data from beaches there.

Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary – Tuesday, December 14
Approximately 19 miles east offshore of Sapelo Island, is Georgia’s only protected natural reef habitat. Students learn about this unique underwater habitat and the organisms that live there, how it differs from tropical reefs and the importance of the Gray Whale fossil that was found there.

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December 07, 2021


11:00 AM - 12:15 PM EDT

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Course fee: $160 OR $20/lab



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8, 9, 10



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