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Welcome to Book Hooks! I provide small group, interactive, online writing classes. Are you new to homeschooling? Looking for different options in the world of COVID? A veteran homeschooler looking to change things up a bit? Is a family crisis or illness impacting your child's return to on site classrooms? I have been in all of these situations. I am a lifelong learner, lover of children, and lover of books! With a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Special Education and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, I have 32 years of teaching experience in public and private schools, as a homeschool mom, and on various online platforms. I have the experience to meet students' needs in a variety of ways and engage both excited and reluctant learners.

I believe books create hooks on which to hang our thoughts and understandings. A good story can draw children into learning without them even realizing what is happening. I have created a writing curriculum that teaches students the foundational skills for becoming excellent writers. Each class centers around a story, animal, scientific discovery, artist, or interesting historical figure to provide engaging content for discussion and launching into the day's writing topic. As students progress through the curriculum, we discuss parts of speech, punctuation, compound and complex sentences, topic and concluding sentences, adding details to paragraphs, and writing essays. I use a variety of tools to engage my students: good books, movement, discussion, songs, rhythm, videos, manipulatives, graphic organizers, and note taking strategies. I have experience teaching children of all ages and backgrounds. My biggest strength as a teacher is adapting my goals to the learners in my class.

I love to sit outside and read a good book, sew, hike, play games, and listen to music. I'm the mother of 4 fabulous children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and the wife to my husband of 31 years. I have gone on many fantastic adventures in my imagination as I have read thousands of books over the years! Let Book Hooks partner with you to help your child become a confident and proficient writer!

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