Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of our most frequently asked questions. Most questions apply to homeschoolers, businesses, and social groups. More information specifically for businesses is here and for social groups here.

General Questions was built BY homeschoolers FOR homeschoolers! Our family, Leanna, Jim, Sienna (13) & Vince (11) homeschooled for six years in Atlanta, GA. We enjoyed attending a variety of events, taking local classes, and exploring the country in our pop-up camper.

Early on, Leanna discovered how much time it took to research homeschool activities & classes. She also realized how many great opportunities they missed! At the same time, she had friends who ran educational and social programs for homeschoolers. They wanted to reach more homeschoolers but did not know how.

She realized there was no central way for these groups to communicate. Thus, an idea was born... to create an online forum that brought these groups together.

Leanna planned the site and sent out a survey that was answered by 400+ homeschoolers nationwide. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Over 90% said they would use the site, and 42% thought they would use it every day. Leanna’s friends and husband encouraged her to “go for it”, so she did!

In early 2018, Leanna hired a website development firm. She conceptualized the site and spent months drawing detailed plans. Her brother Dave, a graphic designer, spent countless hours designing the graphics.

But building a specialty website from scratch was not easy. Leanna needed to switch website development firms, but she persisted. It took 22 months of hard work by many dedicated individuals to bring this website from initial drawings to the dynamic website you see today!

Meanwhile, three homeschool parents (Heather, Tatiana, & Jen) have been working hard to help market and launch the site. They identified thousands of businesses, and have been reaching out to encourage them to offer homeschool activities and enter them on our website.

Our mission in creating this site is twofold:

  1. Connecting homeschoolers and the organizations that serve them. This gives homeschoolers access to a wider range of social and educational experiences, both in-person and online.
  2. Encouraging organizations that have not offered homeschool activities in the past to begin doing so. We are contacting a wide range of organizations that do not currently offer homeschool activities. We educate them about the benefits of offering their unique activities to homeschoolers, and provide an easy way to publicize their offerings. currently serves the metro areas of Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX. These cities were chosen due to their large concentrations of homeschoolers and homeschool activities.

We are working hard to expand to additional cities as soon as possible. Our goal is to be nationwide. If we do not serve your area, please submit your e-mail on our home page to get notified when we launch in your area.

Note: we launched for businesses and social groups ONLY on October 15, 2019. During the fall of 2019, these organizations will join the site and enter events occurring after January 1, 2020.

The site will launch for homeschoolers on January 1st.

After we ensure the site runs smoothly in our pilot cities, we will expand to other areas soon. Our next targets will be other urban areas with high concentrations of homeschoolers and activities. Then we will expand into secondary and rural areas.

Our goal is to expand nationwide as soon as possible. Our expansion is dependent on communicating with thousands of businesses and encouraging them to enter their events. We cannot predict how long that will take.

To receive updates about when we plan to expand to your area, enter your e-mail and zip code at the bottom of our home page here. focuses on connecting homeschoolers with local in-person events as well as online learning. We welcome a wide variety of businesses, non-profit educational venues, and homeschool social groups. These include:

  • Local learning venues such as museums, zoos, and nature centers
  • Local businesses that offer activities for homeschoolers or welcome homeschool students. Examples are gymnastics centers, art studios, learning centers, and teachers who host in-person classes.
  • Local homeschool social groups and co-ops
  • Local and national online-only businesses and homeschool social groups

You can join our site here.

We’ve answered many questions in this FAQ section. Before contacting us, please look through this section to see if we have already answered it. To contact us, click “Contact Us” in the footer of our website pages or submit your question here.

Absolutely! Homeschoolers can search for organizations as well as events. Simply create an account for your organization. When you create an account, you will be listed in our online directory. Create your account here.

Creating an Account and Logging In

The web site is completely free for homeschoolers to use and for organizations to post events.

There are several benefits to creating an account. With an account, you can:

  • Save events: While you search, you can “like” events and reference them later
  • Save search preferences: The system will save your search preferences, such as age and cost, so you don’t need to re-enter them each time.
  • Choose “Favorite Organizations”: You can pick favorite organizations, like local museums. These organizations are listed on your private account page. You can even elect to get an e-mail or text when a favorite organization posts a new event!
  • Host events: You must have a homeschoolanywhere account to host events.
  • View your private account page: Your private account page lists the events you like, events you are hosting, and your favorite organizations… all in one place.

Entering Events

Homeschoolers, businesses, and homeschool social groups can post activities they are hosting. Please note:

  • Event sponsors are responsible for posting their own events. Site administrators do not post events.
  • ONLY the person or organization hosting an event may post it. For example, a homeschooler cannot post an event hosted by their local zoo.

We enable users to report any activities that appear suspicious or do not belong on the site.

To post events, you must first create an account here or by clicking “Join and List Events” under the Business section of the home page.

Event sponsors can designate the type of event they offer. This makes it easier for homeschoolers to search and find the activities they want.


An “activity” is an event that happens on a single day or recurs regularly with a different set of children at each session. Examples are:

  • A “come if you want” homeschool day at a museum that happens every third Monday
  • An art class that happens one Friday
  • A homeschool park day that happens every Wednesday

Multi-Session Class

A “multi session class” is a class or activity that runs for more than one day and includes the SAME set of children for the duration of the class. These generally have a one-time enrollment for the entire class.

They are distinct from “activities” because only the FIRST day will show up on the calendar. Examples are:

  • A 6-week nature class that meets every Wednesday and has the SAME set of children for the entire the 6 weeks.
  • A 2-day physics exploration event for highschoolers with the SAME teens attending both days.
  • 10 weeks of homeschool classes sponsored by a homeschool co-op. The SAME children enroll for all 10 weeks of class.


Performances are in a separate category so homeschoolers can search specifically for them. Examples are:

  • A play that runs for two weeks. It will have a different audience each night.
  • A band concert that happens on a single evening
  • A dance studio performing every night for a week. It welcomes a different set of viewers each night.

Special Exhibit

    A “special exhibit” is an artistic or educational exhibit that runs for a single day or a period of time. They are temporary exhibits. This category does not include regular exhibits that are housed in galleries or museums indefinitely. Examples are:
  • A museum hosting a 3-month traveling exhibit on Ancient Greece
  • An art gallery displaying a sculptor’s work one evening
  • A zoo hosting pandas from another zoo for four months

Yes, as long as the event is appropriate and relevant for homeschooled children. Please do not enter events that are for adults only unless they are homeschool-related. You can enter the activity just like any other event.

Follow these steps to enter an activity, class, or special exhibit. You can only enter events that you or your organization are hosting.

  1. Login to your account here or establish an account here.
  2. Click “Create Event” at the top right.
  3. Choose the type of event you want to create.
  4. Complete the form. If the event occurs regularly (such as every 3rd Friday) you can enter it as a recurring event.

  1. Login to your account here.
  2. Click on your picture at the top right and choose “Our Upcoming Events” from the drop down menu.
  3. Find the event you want to view or change.

No. You can only enter events that you or the organization you run are hosting. However, you can use the “contact us” button to let site administrators know about the event. We will reach out to that organization.

Searching and Finding Events

There are a few different ways to search for events:

  • You can do a quick search from the home page
  • You can browse by category from the home page
  • At the top of the website, you can click on Events, Businesses, or Social Groups and click “Browse” Use our search filters or enter a keyword like “dinosaurs” to find the types of activities and organizations you are looking for.

At its essence, this website connects homeschoolers and the organizations that provide activities for homeschoolers. Due to the large number of activities posted to the site each day, site administrators are not able to review them all. Users must personally evaluate the activities, just as you would if you saw them on a social media site. You must review the information provided, including the location, and form your own opinion about the legitimacy and safety of an event.

If you have concerns about an event, you can go to the page describing that particular event or organization, and click “Report this page”. A site administrator will be alerted that there is a concern.

Neither nor its parent company Homeschool Resources, LLC makes any assurances about whether events and organizations are legitimate. Users are responsible for making their own judgments about the legitimacy and safety of events and organizations.

If you have concerns about an event, you can go to the page describing that particular event or organization, and click “Report this page”. A site administrator will be alerted that there is a concern.

Absolutely! Only you can see your saved events. So if you plan to attend an event, you still need to make reservations with that organization.

To save an event, click the heart icon on the event. The event will be saved on your private account page. You can access this page by clicking on your picture icon in the header and choosing “My Saved Events”. You can save learning venues and social groups in the same way.

Advertising with

Yes, we have preferred placement opportunities to help businesses attract homeschoolers. Please contact us.