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About EDMO

EDMO Classes are hands-on, live, grade-based, small group (8-15 kids) learning opportunities offered over Zoom for children in Pre-K to 8th grade. Online Classes are designed to meet the schedules of every family with one time, single day classes, weeklong classes that meet Monday through Friday or once-a-week classes that meet over five consecutive weeks. Each class session lasts for 60-90 minutes, and families can sign up for new Online EDMO Classes throughout the school year.

During Classes, EDMO’s instructors interactively engage childrens’ minds, encourage creativity and critical thinking skills all while helping them build social connections, empathy and a growth mindset. Focused on learning goals of technology, maker spaces, science and art, EDMO Classes offer 50 different themes such as Roblox World Builders, Ingenious Innovators, Fantastic Flyers, Minecraft EDMOtopia, Animal Art, and more. Classes provide opportunities for kids to navigate collaborative design challenges, build their self confidence, practice mindfulness and have a ton of fun.

Families will be provided a supply list before signing up for the program so they can gather supplies.

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