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We all want our kids to be their best, right? So it only stands to reason that we need to demonstrate that by example. Of course, when someone's covered the dog in glitter glue, dumped the pasta on the floor or totally forgotten every morsel of information from yesterday's amazing session on fractions.... it's not easy to be our best.

This is where Learn for Life Homeschool comes in. I founded it, as a qualified coach, and dedicated my efforts to helping parents develop the confidence, clarity and community they need to succeed in their homeschooling. Coaching Club is our international membership to help parents ensure that they have access to development tools and techniques that will help you with self-care and personal growth.

I don't give homework or assignments or videos to watch - cos we all have enough to do, right? But what I will do is provide you with useful, practical skills that you can use to help guide you through the slips and surges of day to day life, and regular places to talk to real people about things that make a difference.

My mission is to help parents create the best learning opportunities for their child's unique abilities and talents. I encourage you to not just step outside the box, but to burn a few that are no longer useful. That way, your kids won't inherit them ;)

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