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Easy Hard Science
Learn science, learn chemistry, and learn math. The fun way. With Dr. Scott.

We have live video chat classes (Live Learning on Zoom), pre-prerecorded video lessons, worksheets, personal evaluations by Dr Scott, Free Parent Strategy Sessions, virtual field trips, and more! We make learning science easy. Join online classes in an online school with a fun group from around the globe sharing an interest in science. Homeschool style.

We make learning those “hard science” topics fun, approachable, and easy!

Upcoming Events by Easy Hard Science:

Immersive Chemistry – FAKE EVENT FOR DEMO ONLY

October 20, 2023 - January 19, 2024
@ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Hosted By:
Easy Hard Science


THIS IS A DEMO EVENT BECAUSE THIS WEBSITE IS FOR SALE. This is where the description of the event would go. Organizations can copy the... View Article