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About Your Sherpa - Your Guide to Financial Literacy

Our mission is to show that financial literacy is a tool to better life outcomes! Better life outcomes include a job you love, the life skills and ability to care for your family and not be dependent on others, and also the ability to give to others. Financial literacy does not need to be the tedious, academic exercise many expect. With offer a unique framework that not only teaches people how to make daily decisions to save and build wealth but importantly ensures people stay in position to save by avoiding excessive college debt and by being able to get and hold a good job. Covid has made our unique approach, that delves into career and college selection and how to approach a career in today's changing world, even more relevant. Covid exposed the sad reality that too few people/families had money saved, and Covid also highlighted how job opportunities can change overnight, necessitating the need to be adaptable and have the mindset and skills to stay employed. See our site for information about our off-the-shelf resources (book and audio lessons) or stay tuned and join us for our future events that provide an overview of our content and the need for such life skills.

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