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About Hope House Press

This course is a multi-faceted comprehensive high-school level humanities class. It covers 20th Century history (focused on the Second World War and its aftermath), social studies (including current events), geography, and college-prep research writing. Students will grow in their critical-thinking skills through thought-provoking group discussions and creative projects.

Our goal is to give students the skills they need to understand both the past and present from a faith-based, Judeo-Christian perspective. “The Seminar” is an expanded version of The Seabirds Trilogy World War II Companion Curriculum.

Lessons in ethics, virtues, and Bible-based devotionals will encourage and help students mature into responsible and wise adults. Weekly live one to two-hour Zoom lectures, student-led group activities, lively class discussions, and intellectually challenging subject matter provide an unparalleled learning experience and stimulating academic community.

The class begins on September 15!

1. Weekly Live Zoom Lecture, Class Discussions, Break-Out Sessions
2. Group Projects
3. Timeline, Maps, and Weekly Quizzes on Terms
4. Historical Research Papers
5. Creative Journaling Exercises

Unique Opportunities
1. Participate in Negotiation Simulations (The Evian Conference and Cairo Conference)
2. Write and Present Persuasive Arguments
3. Discern Solid Research and Journalism from Propaganda
4. Personal TAs to Tailor Writing and Research Assignments to each Student’s Needs
5. Weekly Office Hours
6. Special Guest Lecturers

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