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Jeffrey Tyburski


About Your Sherpa LLC

Your Sherpa is your guide to financial literacy. Enjoy our free eBook or short, story-based videos.

I believe my content delivers a uniquely concise roadmap to help young people from start to finish. With a focus always on 'starting young', my educational framework:
1. Drives home the NEED to save - Start young so you can get ready for your future.
2. Motivates people to WANT to save - Get excited about compounding and start young to give money the most time to grow.
3. Guides people to stay in POSITION to save - Start young to be aware/ahead of problems and to avoid obstacles to saving like excessive college debt or underemployment.
4. and, once you know the need to save, you want to save, and you are in position to save, you need a personal PROCESS to get it done - Start young to instill good habits at an early age.
NEED to, WANT to, POSITION to, PROCESS to save money; a framework for learning and applying the mindset and life skills to achieve financial goals. Learning the 'why and how' of saving money also includes insights into career and college decisions, how to remain employable in a changing world, and broad life skills to unlock one's full potential.

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