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Lori Moore

About Kids Connected - Virtual Activity Zone

We believe that children need exposure and practice. Exposure to a variety of things as they grow, and practice once they find what they love. This combination of variety and practice will ultimately help children turn into thriving adults.

As parents, we found it was extremely difficult to find affordable online activities for our kids. We keep our kids busy in a variety of academic and sports related extracurricular activities. Sometimes we didn't want to get in the car, drive across town and split the family up just for one of our kids to attend a 45 minute long art class. But it was difficult to find anything online that was live, with real interaction, and also affordable. So we set out to solve that problem.

Kids Connected offers affordable, live, classes and activities for kids between the ages of 3 and 17. Whether it's piano lessons, coding class, tutoring, dance, or anything else you can think of, there is a way to do it affordably, online - with a real live instructor - and with other kids so everyone stays engaged.

Enroll in a class - get an email with instructions on how to join - watch your kids grow! It is that simple.

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