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About Taylor Made Science

Taylor Made Science offers a series of live, interactive, online science courses designed to prepare students for success in science at the university level. The series includes a year of preparatory middle school science and seven high school science courses, all at the Honors or Advanced Placement level.

Zoom class sizes are kept small to allow more one-on-one interaction between students and teacher. And, although the classes only meet once a week, the teacher is available between classes to every student by appointment through Zoom and through email at any time. Students can also set up safe online study sessions with classmates through the Canvas Learning Management System.

All science courses are hands-on with students completing real science labs as a part of their live online class experience. A lab supply kit is mailed to each student. During class students complete their own hands-on work while collaborating with their lab group in Zoom breakout rooms, with the teacher available to help when needed.

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