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About Taylor Made Science

Not your ordinary online science classes! Taylor Made Science offers live, interactive, virtual science classes to students anywhere in the US. Each student receives a lab kit with the supplies needed to complete the experiments and hands-on activities typically done in a physical class. Through Zoom, students will perform labs during our scheduled one-a-week class time with teacher instruction and feedback. Students will also be working in live virtual small groups, collecting and analyzing data just as they would with a lab group in the regular classroom. Through Canvas, students will also be able to collaborate about labs and other work between classes.

Cheryl Taylor teaches live classes through Zoom and classes are kept small to preserve the interactive nature of the science classroom in the virtual environment. Students are able to safely set up their own virtual study sessions with their classmates at any time through the Canvas Learning Management System, and the teacher is available to help students between classes through email and Zoom.

This is especially important with all the uncertainties and worries around COVID-19. Students receive direct instruction from a certified science teacher and are able to interact with their peers from the safety of their own home. No need to wear a mask or stay 6 feet apart in the classroom, and no worries about handling shared laboratory equipment! Taylor Made Science online science classes provide a consistent and reliable college preparatory science experience that also strives to preserve the “social” aspect of a physical classroom.

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